Shä Concept

Flor, creator of @shaconcept has studied and mastered fashion design and confection. She has used this knowledge to create Shä Concept, a clothing brand dedicated to creating fully handmade and liveable clothing.

In her own words:

What inspires the most when designing is art in general. In this particular case, as I make garments that cover a body, I design from a conceptual point of view. I like the street, what is lived, what is cultural and, what is happening in a social environment. That is why, beyond the trends and rules of the world of catwalks, to me, dressing someone is more than fabric protecting a body. It is a silhouette that moves, a person, a mind that needs to feel comfortable in its own skin.

The feel of the fabrics, the colours and, the morphology unite emotions that come from the most abstract. They later evolve to generate a shape and, eventually an item of clothing.

I connect with the garments from the point of view of a unique object while trying not to lose the particularity craftsmanship that nowadays is quite lost and forgotten. I insist on making everything by hand to create added value where each person that sees my creations knows that they are part of a creative process. A creative process that makes them sense that they are dressed by a person that feels, observes and wants to reach them through their heart.

It is for all of these reasons that I design and, that Shä Concept was born. The idea is to make liveable clothing that anyone can feel at home in.