Flower Teller

Lucile has studied and mastered the fine art of floristry. She let me into her world and, allowed me to document this wonderful creative journey.

In her own words: 

When I approach flowers, my brain and my senses activate themselves as if I had never done anything else with my hands. The shapes, textures, colours and sensations transform into spells that are known only to me. In that exact moment, I know what I am doing! My time is now paced by the flowers and the leaves offered to me at the horticulture market. My brain is trying to solve the enigmas of their combinations and, my hands are drawn towards the stems as I try to offer them the best position in the spiral of the bouquet. My fingers end up tensing up by fear of shattering the fragile harmony of these beautiful ladies. A harmony, governed by a knowledgeable but also gutsy hierarchy. My eyebrows frown at the stubborn and rebellious ones, but in fact, it is my idea that is to blame!

The first bouquet is always slightly clumsy. Rigour gets mixed up with ardour and, it is only after the third bouquet that I identify the naivety of this rocky start. I fall in love one hundred times with one colour, one striking shape, one fierce inclination. Then comes the excitement of impudent creations and, the apprehension of accomplishing their purpose: being offered to the eyes and senses of the world.