Fernanda, creator of Asiatik is a Brazilian sushi chef based in Barcelona that has fully mastered the art of sushi making. She is now running a full sushi/food delivery service from her home and also organizes at home dinners and sushi making workshops!

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In her own words:

I have always been very fond of Asia, even as a child. I have always been a food lover but Asian food in particular drives me crazy, overwhelms me and, satisfies my cravings. I still remember the first time I tasted Japanese food, I was about 4 years old and it was very special, an explosion of flavours and new textures.

It had never crossed my mind that I could work in this field, because both Brazil and Japan have very sexist cultures.

Over the years I graduated in gastronomy and moved to Barcelona. It just so happened that my first job was in a Japanese restaurant and the owner/sushi-woman inspired me a lot. Little by little I was leaving behind the traditional kitchen and getting closer and closer to the sushi bar.

I then I started organising underground dinners in my own house and as time went by I started to shape the project and eventually “Asiatik” was born. It is nothing more than my way of understanding Asian cuisine. To me, cooking is a madness and, I like to unravel the most exotic flavours, playing with the traditional and the modern, creating, loving and exploring new horizons.