Albert Florent

Albert is a painter, originally from Madrid he is now based in Barcelona where he creates works based on architecture that he is fond of.

You can follow him on Instagram @albertflorent

In his own words:

Albert Florent’s art is divided into two media: painting on canvas and digital illustration. In both, with an affinity for documenting, the work is concentrated around architecture and the spaces it creates. The goal is to give scenes a different expression than the one it has originally through the use of flat colours and thus leaving a different type of statement. Through a naive character, the idea is to capture in the personal and collective imaginary, an image that lets you recognise these spaces and buildings, creating a greater conscience, respect and conservation of the urban heritage that we benefit from. This unfortunately doesn’t always happen since imperial economical powers and savage liberalism, through speculation, continue to provoke degradation beyond repair. His architectural references are mostly relevant figures of the Movement. Some international examples are Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto or the photographer Margaret Michaelis and some national ones are Josep Lluís Sert or Torres Clavé. When it comes to painting, he is especially inspired by members of the American precisionist movement such as Charles SheelermGeorgia O’Keefe or Ralston Crawford. Current examples would be Guy Yanai Jon Koko or Rob Tucker.